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As you may know our facility at New Horizons is a fragrence free zone. We deal with consumers that have MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Here is a story of one of our people with MCS.

Her Story

Twelve years ago I acquired the medical condition known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) after being exposed to a chemical spill at work. Last year on the recommendation of my Doctor I decided to move the to high desert in AZ. A local MCS person gave me Jean Lasher’s phone number here at New Horizons.  Jean  helped me to search and find a safe & healthy place to live. It is very difficult to find MCS safe housing which includes a rental that has no pesticides, no carpet, no perfumes, no air fresheners, and that one has both an electric stove and electric heat. Both propane and natural gas make me very ill and they cause me to have trouble breathing. In addition, the outside air near the home needs to be clean and pesticide-free.  It took me 3 trips out here, over 6 months to finally find a safe place to live.

Her Search

During my housing search New Horizons was a place that was fragrance-free in which I could use the computers and phones. Most libraries are too toxic with perfumes and mold for me to be in. When I first drove out here  I did not know many people and New Horizons gave me a place to meet other Chemically Sensitive friends at the monthly MCS meeting.

Everyone at New Horizons was friendly and helpful during my transition to living in a place that would allow me to get healthier. So I am a success story of how New Horizons helped someone to relocate to a healthier environment. Thank you to everyone here.  I am grateful that you were here to help. KK

Here is a link to some great information:  Click Here >>

MCS Support Group

Jean Lasher runs a support group here at New Horizons on the third Tuesday of the month. The group meets at 2 PM. All events are fragrance free so please refrain from wearing any fragrances.

For more information call us here at NHILC 928-772-1266

Dr. Grace Ziem is a noted authority on MCS. We found these videos on YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2

Bi Polar Disorder

My name is not important, but my story is. You see, I am Bi-Polar. That means I was either very up and excited or very low and depressed, and I could change very quickly from one to another. This was a very difficult way to live. I was like this since childhood, there were times I thought I could do anything, and my energy level was so high people found it hard to be around me. Then suddenly I would become depressed, and I couldn’t be around people. People would make me very uncomfortable and sad. I found it hard or impossible to get out of bed in the morning and even harder to get dressed. As I got older I would be housebound during my battle with depression. I was housebound for two years, unable to call for help for myself.

My sister made an appointment with a psychiatrist for me and she diagnosed me with Bi-Polar disorder. At last I had a name for my personal demon. It took about two years but I finally am on the correct medication, and have now been able to find a job and am working full time at New Horizons Independant Living Center for the last three years. There is hope and a fulfilling life with this illness. You just have to keep taking your medication and find a good support system whether it is family or a support group. You are not alone!

Currently we have several videos about Bi Polar Disorder on the blog…Click here >>

Notes on Bi Polar Disorder

Types of depression:

Situational: based on a loss-grieving
Seasonal: based on lack of sunlight
Chronic: lasting 2 weeks or more


  • 24 Million individuals from a mood disorder.
    More than every man, woman and child in the entire state of New York.
  • 6 Million persons have a bipolar diagnosis.
    Almost more than every man, woman and child in the entire state of Arizona.
  • 80% of people with bipolar disorder are substance abusers.
  • 1 in 5 people diagnosed with bipolar will commit suicide.
    Plus 50% of all people diagnosed with bipolar don’t get the care they need.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder:

  • Chroinic
  • Potentially fatal
  • Incurable

Recommended treatment:

  • Medication
  • Psyhchotherapy
  • Lifestyle changes

Biggest Problems facing those with mood disorders:

  • Correct and timely diagnosis
  • Lack of available services
  • Lack of adequate coverage from most insurance policies
    (80% for medical, 50% reimbursement rates for psychiatric services)
  • Lack of resources in the community

Sponsored Support Groups

All groups are peer-led. They are completely free, open and fully confidential. They are not therapy groups run by professionals nor are they twelve-step groups.

They are specifically for those with a mood disorder: depression and/or bipolar, their friends and family or for those who think they may have a mood disorder.


1. Every Tuesdays at 3pm New Hope Recovery Center, 599 White Spar Rd.,
Co-Occurring Disorders group only: Mood disorder and Substance Abuse Issues

2. Every Wednesdays at 3:00pm Seniors Only Group at the Bradshaw Senior Community, 133 Bradshaw Drive (Call Carolyn Sue at 777-0520)

3. Every Wednesday, 6:30pm Prescott Main Library “Bump” room on Goodwin Street. This group is for Transitional age youth.

4. Every Thursday at 3 P.M. Prescott Main Library, Elsea Room Goodwin Street entrance and then turn immediately to the right. All Welcome!

5. Starting on November 20th 2pm and every 3rd Friday thereafter will be a gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Queer and Questioning group at 111 Josephine St. @ Prescott Pride Center

6. Family and Friends Group (Now in organizational stages projected to begin Nov. 2009)

Spring Valley, Cordes, Mayer

Every Thursdays 2pm Meeting at the Spring Valley Community Church, Fellowship Room 13944 South Spring Lane in Spring Valley, All Welcome!

Prescott Valley

1. Every 4thWednesday 1 p.m..  All Welcome!
New Horizons Independent Living Center, 8085 E. Manley Drive (a fragrance-free facility)

2. Every Friday 10:30 a.m. Weekly at Stepping Stones, Step One Building located at 3343 N. Windsong Drive All Welcome!


Weekly Wednesday nights at 6pm at the Yavapai County Bldg., 10 S. 6th Street. Contact Mike – 925-3578 (cell)

Tell Us Your Story

If you are a consumer here at New Horizons and would like to tell others your story on this blog contact our administrator via email.

Please make sure that you put something about New Horizons in the subject line of the email. Like most I get tons of junque emails everyday, but I don’t want to miss yours and a bit of notice will help me filter the good stuff from the usual.

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  1. October 27, 2009 9:12 pm

    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance has been a networking partner with New Horizons since its inception in Yavapai County. We started with our first open, confidential peer support group at NHILC and now have nine other groups throughout Yavapai County addressing specific needs as well as those of the general public: seniors only, Transitional Age (18-25 year olds), dual-diagnosed, gay,lesbian,bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals, and our very newest is one for friends and family of those with mood disorders. Call us for time, date and location (928) 632-4727.
    Our group at NHILC is held monthly on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1pm.

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