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NHILC Mission: to provide services and advocacy which empower and enable people with disabilities to self-determine the goals and activities of their lives in family, home, community and workplace.

Do you have a special talent, skill, knowledge to share or an outstanding desire to provide a needed service for a nonprofit agency? Become a volunteer…there are many different options available.

Do you have two hours or more to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities?

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Become a member of the Board of Directors
  • Participate in community, social or recreation functions
  • Develop or organize activities for fundraising
  • Be a coordinator for volunteer services
  • Become a Board of Directors Advisor
  • Serve on a Committee
  • Lend a hand around the office
  • Utilize your yard maintenance or handyman skills
  • Be a peer mentor for a person with a disability
  • Act as an ambassador in the community
  • Offer to lead an event, teach a class, or speak to a group
  • Do you have ideas for other ways in which you can serve?

To find out more information about being a volunteer, call Liz Toone, Executive Director, at 928-772-1266.

Tell Us Your Story

If you’ve been a volunteer here at NHILC and want to tell  your story, please contact our blog administrator via email:

Please make sure that you put something about New Horizons in the subject line of the email. Like most I get tons of junque emails everyday, but I don’t want to miss yours and a bit of notice will help me filter the good stuff from the usual.

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